Chemicals You Should Filter: What’s in Your Drinking Water?

Drinking Water in Draper

Drinking Water in DraperMany people in the United States, Utah included, still get their drinking water straight from the faucet. Although a normal practice, this does not mean you should continue doing it. The health experts of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend consumers to be more cautious when it comes to their source of drinking water. The reason? You never know the risks that come with drinking water straight from the tap.

While your local water supply goes through a series of contaminant-elimination processes, these do not eradicate all of the potential health hazards it carries. What exactly are these elements that make water unsafe? shares a few of them:


A phosphoric and nitrogenous compound, ammonia is one of the most common chemicals found in the local water supply of many parts in the country. Although dangerous only in high levels, long-term exposure in low dosages can still have a considerable impact on your health.


Untreated water may contain arsenic, a naturally-occurring hazardous element. Like ammonia, it poses serious dangers when ingested in high levels, but can still cause health problems even in low levels, particularly with long-term exposure.

The biggest concern with arsenic is its lack of taste and odor, making it difficult to detect. You need to get rid of this chemical contaminant in your water due to its potential for causing the development of conditions in the liver, lung, and lymphatic system.


Radium may also be present in your local water supply. This is another chemical contaminant you should remove from your drinking water, as even the smallest amounts, when continuously ingested, can cause health problems. According to medical experts, long term exposure to this compound increases the risk of liver, breast, and bone cancer in humans.

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There are plenty of other chemical contaminants you should be on the lookout for, but these three should already prompt you to work with a water filtration Utah expert.