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A Few Benefits of Cedar Structures

September 12, 2017 Garden AHS 0

There are various kinds of factory sheds including garden sheds, garage sheds, double garage sheds, storage sheds and two story sheds just to mention a few. You need to consider your needs, the dimensions of […]

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Sensible Solutions to Weed Infestation

August 29, 2017 Garden AHS 0

While it is possible to have a healthy and green backyard, it is not realistic to maintain a lawn that is 100% weed-free. Experts suggest that, without homeowners even noticing, a typical yard may have around […]

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House Decor that Sells

August 15, 2017 Garden AHS 0

When improving your home’s property value, forget boldly colored walls. USA Today mentions that white is the safest color to choose if you want a quick sale. White can be too boring by itself, though. […]

A lengthening ice dam by the rain gutter
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Ice Dams: What You Need to Know

July 31, 2017 Garden AHS 0

Ice dams cause damage to roofs as they often build up on roof edges after a snowstorm.  According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency, these shelves of ice are formed when the water from melted […]

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How Important Is Your Main Water Line?

July 24, 2017 Garden AHS 0

Nothing lasts forever. When your plumbing fixtures and pipes start to give up on you, perhaps this is pointing you to underlying problems in your home’s main water line. Although you may be required to […]