Can’t Go Back to Sleep?

a frustrated man wearing blue pajamas

It’s hard enough to keep the mind calm, so you doze off at an appropriate time. It’s harder to fall back asleep after you’ve been woken up randomly at 2 AM. You start to think of your choices: do you force yourself asleep or do you force yourself awake and struggle through the day like a zombie?

Making your mind decide on something so crucial is one of the reasons it’s harder to fall asleep again. These other factors come into play, too:

Damp Sheets

During heatwaves or in summer, you’re no stranger to humidity and dampness due to the sheets trapping moisture. This can be enough reason for you not to get that sleep you badly need, as the lack of air circulation makes it hard for you to feel comfortable. A good solution is to replace your sheets with natural fibers, such as queen size bamboo sheets. With their ability to absorb sweat, you’ll be comfortable enough to doze off in no time.

Your Phone

Gadgets that emit light are your worst enemy when you can’t go back to sleep. They make things worse for you in different levels. There’s the blue light they emit, and then there’s their distracting nature in general. If you happened to glance at your screen and see bad news, that also affects your body negatively. When your body is not relaxed and when blue light is giving it a false message that it’s daytime, you might as well kiss sleep goodbye.

Your Mind

Once you check the time, you start to compute how many hours of sleep you can squeeze in before your alarm sounds or how many hours of sleep you’ll be missing tonight if you decide to give up on sleep altogether. This endless pressure on yourself to go back to sleep makes your body do the opposite. Sleep experts suggest cutting those thoughts; instead, take deep, calming breathing exercises. Your aim is to get the body relaxed enough for slumber. It might also help to say words such as “relax” in time with your breathing.

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It’s a struggle when you wake up in the middle of the night, and all your efforts to go back to sleep have failed. But maybe all you have to do is to stop struggling and let your body relax completely.