Busted: Three Common Myths About Mattresses

closeup of mattress on bed

Have you recently been on the market for a new mattress? Perhaps, you are thinking of taking advantage of a mattress sale to find the best deal for your needs. Common as they are, there’s plenty that people don’t know about mattresses. Here are three common misconceptions about this trusty furniture:

Pillow top mattresses are the best

Some people insist getting pillow top mattresses because they’ve heard that these are the most comfortable mattresses. Well, that’s not true at all. It’s a marketing gimmick companies used to distinguish their designs. The truth is even conventional mattress designs can achieve the same plush feel. What really matters is the structural integrity of the mattress.

All mattresses are created equal

This false claim is usually propagated by mattress companies looking to blur the complex distinctions that characterize different models of mattresses. Now, how could one expect one mattress feel and last the same for a 100-pound girl and 300-pound weightlifter? The simple fact is that this is impossible. Different designs offer different experiences, other factors held constant.

You’ll get a total value of that warranty

Mattress companies may promise lifetime warranty for your mattress, but don’t expect that you are going to get a lifetime of service from the product. What the company is really saying is that once the material inside the mattress is worn from the normal wear and tear, the warranty is over. Expect to change your mattress at least every 10 years, even if it’s under a lifetime warranty. At that age, you really can’t expect much comfort from your mattress.

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Separating the truth from the lies about mattresses is an important step to finding the product that best meets your needs. The great news is that a lot of this comes down to common sense.