Bringing the Sun Indoors: Choosing the Right Grow Lights for Your Plants

Indoor PlantsThanks to advances in technology, it is now possible to grow plants indoors and have them thrive. Sunlight, for one, is important for plants to grow properly. Now, there are different kinds of grow lights available for indoor plants. However, do consider what features your grow lights should have before buying. Here’s a guide to give you an idea:

Affordability – Like any other purchase, the price you pay should be reasonable and within your budget. The high-end models of some grow lights, like full spectrum units, are quite pricey, but they offer more benefits than most units. As a rule, the price of the product should be justified by quality, features, energy consumption, and durability. In addition, consider how much it will cost you for installations and replacements when figuring out the final price.

Use – What kind of plant growth do you aim for with your indoor grow kit? If you’re aiming for lush growth, then you would want a cool-colored light unit. If you plan to make your indoor plants bloom, then do consider getting warm-colored grow lights. Green State Gardener says that a balanced approach is also possible with full spectrum lights, which offer the benefits of both warm and cool grow lights.

Environmental Impact – It is much better to avoid potential grow lights that produces an excessive amount of heat or use too much energy, such as incandescent bulbs. As a rule, light bulbs that emit high temperatures usually consume a lot of energy. Not only do these light sources waste fuel and raise your utility bills, they also cause greenhouse effect that can cause damage to the environment. It can also damage your plants if they are placed too near these types of lighting fixtures.

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Finally, make sure that your lights will complement your indoor grow kit. Moreover, your choices should prioritize the care and growth of your indoor greenery. Ask your local garden supplier what their recommendations are before you make a final choice.