Best Materials for Outdoor Cooling and Sun Shade for New Homeowners in America

PVC awning hanging over a garden

Plants on the patio can keep the area cool to some extent. If you want protection from wind and rain, you must think of putting something up. When trees and shrubs do not provide shade on certain areas of the veranda, it is time to go shopping for patio sun and windscreens.

Exploring fabrics and materials is an exciting prospect. Are you ready to start?

PVC Fabric

A polyester weave that is waterproof is a bestseller among new American homeowners. The polyvinyl chloride fabric offers great protection from rain. It works equally well on sunny days. If your area deals with high-velocity winds often, ask for a PVC fabric with excellent tensile strength and stop worrying about tearing. Once up the material will serve you well for many years, and you will enjoy a reasonable warranty from the manufacturers as well. Do not make the mistake of thinking you are getting off cleaning this material. The maintenance requirements may be low, but to maintain appearances, you have to schedule a periodic, thorough cleaning.

Netting: knitted mesh fabric

If sagging is an issue, and the last thing you want is an overhead canopy that frays at the slightest wind, then consider knitted mesh fabric. The best thing about this material is that it resists tearing even with considerable stretching. If you get a high-quality product, then your family will enjoy protection from ultraviolet radiation. This type of shade cloth comes in various degrees of UV protection factor. Perhaps the biggest advantage of knitted mesh netting is adequate airflow. Given the basic structure of the material, you can expect full protection while enjoying fresh air and a cool breeze.

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Choose metal for permanent, durable, and long-lasting sun and wind protection. Of all metals used for this purpose, aluminum is the top choice. It is versatile, durable, and requires little to no maintenance.

There is no shortage of contemporary outdoor shades and patio canopy options. Are you ready to put up a customized setup?