Balustrades: 3 Areas Where These Safety Structures Are Ideal

Glass Balustrades in Perth

Glass Balustrades in PerthMany homes in Australia feature balustrading not only for aesthetic reasons, but for safety purposes as well. In fact, even the government requires dwellings and commercial buildings to have these installed. Regardless of the material, know that balustrades offer more as they provide protection and safety. Here are three places in your home where you should have balustrades installed:

  • Staircase

Balustrading systems are must-haves when it comes to staircases, as they serve as a barrier for slips, trips and falls. When someone accidentally misses a step, the balustrade can support their fall. They likewise serve as a guide or a helping hand for people who have difficulties going up or down the stairs. Remember that falling down the stairs can lead to injuries or even death.

  • Upper level exterior areas

Two-storey homes (or higher) that have a deck, porch or balcony should feature a balustrading system. Like with staircases, they provide safety and serve as security barriers. With these in place, you’re rest assured that accidents will not take place, like someone falling off when playing or losing balance. Jigsaw Balustrades and home improvement experts say that you may want to choose a glass balustrade, as this can give you uninterrupted views of the outdoors.

  • Poolside

Although swimming pools provide exceptional entertainment, relaxation, enjoyment and a means to exercise, they can be safety hazards too. This is true if they don’t have any sort of barricade, like balustrades. You should take all the safety measures, particularly when you have children, to ensure everyone’s safety and security.

You do not have to worry about your balustrades conflicting your home’s current design or theme. Nowadays, these structural components come in different materials — with glass being the primary choice of many Australian homeowners. You can even choose to have one custom-made.

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