Are Vinegar and Laundry Soap the Best Way to Remove Carpet Stains?

Wine spilled on carpet

Wine spilled on carpetCarpet stains can be an unsightly mess, yet there are several household products that can remove them without much trouble.

In Utah, carpet cleaning services by professionals like Anchor Water Damage and Restoration serves as your best bet if all else fails in your quest to remove stains. Although if you remain determined to use household cleaning items, you should be familiar of properly mixing them to avoid further damage to your carpet.

Vinegar & Soap

For red wine stains on your carpet, a mixture of vinegar and laundry soap can take out most of the stains. Apply vinegar on the stained part with a cloth and follow up with a thick coat of soap. Leave it on for three minutes or longer if you wish for a thorough cleaning.

It’s better to use a white cloth to avoid spreading the color of the rag onto the carpet. If the stain appears during a party, using club soda can be a quick remedy. Carefully pour the liquid on the stain and dab with a clean cloth. This works well if you want a fast cover-up for that obvious stain.

Other Stains

There are times when latex paint, whether acrylic or water-based, could accidentally spill onto a carpet even if you are cautious. In this case, a lacquer thinner can do the trick. Fresh stains can be removed by simply wiping a cloth with the thinner.

Remember to use a white rag for the same reason of not damaging the color of your carpet. You should also carefully dispose the used cleaning cloth, since lacquer thinner is combustible. Let it air-dry and wash it before putting it in the garbage bin.

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Depending on the type of carpet stain, some household items can do the job of removing them. You should contact a professional in case you don’t like the idea of experimenting with cleaning products around the house.