A Must-Do (But Often Forgotten) Step Before Selling a Home


pest controlMaking the decision of selling your home is one of the most emotional experiences you can ever go through. It can also cause you a lot of headaches, especially if you do not take the right pre-home-selling preparations. Yes, you may have completed plumbing and HVAC system inspections, but your responsibilities do not end there. You should also ensure that your home is free of pests.

Pest inspection and control services for your peace of mind

Hiring a company that specializes in pest inspection and thorough elimination can help you save yourself – and your home – from a lot of headaches. Besides, having your home assessed for any potential pest infestation, including termites, rodents, cockroaches, ants, etc., is only ethical. Just put yourself in the shoes of the next potential owner of your home. You would not want to live in a pest-infested property, would you?

Pest inspection

When you enlist the services of a pest inspection and control company, the first thing the specialists will do is to conduct a comprehensive assessment of your home. This includes external and internal inspections of the entire structure, covering the roof, sub-floor, grounds, and out-buildings.

Qualified pest inspectors make use of the latest in technology, like thermal imaging camera and moisture detectors, to determine the pest hotspots in your home. They also utilize special equipment, particularly termite detection devices, to discover even the hardest-to-find nests.

Pest control and treatment

Only after completing the inspection will the specialists tell you about possible treatment options. Competent and trustworthy companies do not offer their pest control services right away without finishing assessments, since they use their findings to come up with the most effective and affordable elimination strategies.

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So, do the right thing and have a pest control specialist in Salt Lake City perform this necessary pre-home-selling step. This way, you can have peace of mind knowing your prospective buyers will have no issues with these disgusting and even health-hazardous creatures.