A Guide to Understanding the Ratings of Water Heaters

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A water heater is one of your home’s most essential appliances. It ensures your dishwasher, tap, shower and washing machine all have a constant supply of hot water. Getting a water heater is, however, quite a daunting process with all the factors you need to consider.

Among the key factors are the ratings on water heaters. All these ratings denote a specific element that will influence your heater’s performance, and understanding them is essential. Here is a plumbing expert’s guide to understanding the various ratings on water heaters in Lehi.

First-Hour Delivery Rating

Abbreviated as FHD or FHR, this rating denotes the amount of hot water in gallons your heater generates in the first hour of operation. After this period, your heater takes varying periods to return to its initial FHR. The ideal FHR for your heater depends on your hot water consumption over an hour.

Capacity Rating

This denotes your water heater’s tank storage capability. This rating is closely related to the FHR. Your consumption determines your heater’s capacity.

This does not, however, mean that you will buy a 100-gallon tank if that is what you use on average. Consider the FHR to determine how much you can get in a short period before refilling the tank.

Energy Ratings

All heaters come with an energy label denoting their efficiency. This label ranges from scale A to G. A is the most energy-efficient heater, while G is the least. The ratings also incorporate a color-coded system, with green as the most efficient and red as the most inefficient.

Water heater ratings are continually revised to make them more efficient. You should, therefore, consult your plumber on the current recommended ratings for your home before settling for one. With the right knowledge on ratings, you are confident of selecting the best water heater to meet your needs.

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