5 Common Landscape Designs for Your Garden

Garden Designer in KentOften aesthetically appealing, landscape designs provide beautiful scenery. It is made attractive by altering the existing design, incorporating flowering ornamental plants, shrubs, bushes as well as decorative stones and pebbles of different sizes.

Landscape designs usually depend on the style of your home or your personality. Visiting your local nursery or orchidarium may help you in deciding which plants you would want to include. Oakleigh Manor recommends discussing the theme you have in mind with garden designers in Kent to make your dream landscape design a reality.

Formal Garden

In a formal garden, there is an orderly and close arrangement of plants. Combined straight lines and geometrical shapes are used and form part of this design. Plants are frequently trimmed to maintain its formal style.

Oriental Garden

A small backyard does not stop you from having a landscape design. The oriental garden is the type that can be fit into that small backyard. It uses water, rocks and evergreens. Angles can be created by using a wide variety of plants. Though it has a high usage of water and requires maintenance, it can be the most relaxing area of your backyard.

Japanese Garden

Japanese garden styles are designed for relaxation or meditation. The elements of this style symbolise natural elements, such as rocks, water, plants and ornaments. It is likewise important to consider the Japanese design principles on asymmetry, enclosure, scenery, balance and symbolism.

English Garden

English gardens use elements, such as bridges, benches, bricks, stones and even English pots. A man-made lake is often the main feature. This style encourages your guest to wander through your garden pathways, sending out a sense of mystery.

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Xeriscape design if for those who prefer a design that requires minimal care and less water. It is seemingly a desert style landscape since it includes low watering plants like cactuses and plants that easily adapt to the environment. It is an effective way to save both time and money.

With many elements to choose from, it is always a good idea to ask help from garden designers to make sure that every aspect of your garden is balanced. Keep in mind that a beautiful garden scenery always requires maintenance and care.