4 Tips to Help Eliminate Mold From Your HVAC Unit

an HVAC system on top of a building

Mold can grow inside your air conditioner if you leave it unattended. It can result in further damage and may even cost health problems as well. To resolve the issue, most people commonly ask help from air conditioning repair services in Kings Mountain.

But there are other ways you can do to prevent mold from growing inside your air conditioning unit.

Use “Auto” mode

When you turn the air conditioning unit completely off, it tends to leave your home without enough airflow, which causes the moisture to build up the temperatures to rise. This, in turn, increases the chances for mold to grow.

It’s much better to use the air conditioning unit’s auto function so the air will continuously circulate even while you’re away for a long period.

Regularly perform proper maintenance

Properly maintaining your HVAC unit is essential, especially when the season’s about to change. Doing so will let the cooling and heating system prepare for the switch in weather. Performing proper HVAC maintenance will help prevent mold from building up inside your unit.

Eliminate any dust

Dust tends to clog up a few parts of your HVAC unit, which can cause mold to grow. You might want to clean up your AC unit to prevent dust from building up.

Consider using a UV filter

One way of eliminating the chances of mold growth, you might want to add a UV filter to help regulate the mold spore by destroying it before it even grows.

These are just a few of the things that you may want to consider when cleaning up your AC unit. Keep in mind that keeping it clean at all times will prevent mold from infesting your home.

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If you feel that it’s way out of hand, it’s highly advisable to contact an expert who knows a lot about HVAC to help you out with your concern.