4 Steps to Prevent Weeds from Growing into Your Garden

weed being pulled out

Weeds are the number one enemy of a lush and healthy lawn. That’s why homeowners would do practically everything just to keep these out of their garden. Luckily, there are safe and effective ways to do that. Here are some of them:

1. Avoid Disturbing the Soil

Weed seeds are just lying around. With enough water and soil, they could germinate in no time. That’s why you need to refrain from continuously digging through the soil. The only time you can touch or dig deep is when it’s time to aerate and fertilize the soil.

2. Mulch Your Soil

Mulching is another great way to block off weed seeds from growing. Covering the soil with mulch could prevent the sun and air from getting into where the seeds are. What’s more is you could mulch your garden using materials that are usually found in your homes like a newspaper, chipped wood and barks, and hay or straws.

3. Use Herbicide

When all else fails, there’s no better method to handle weed growth than using herbicide. Now, if you’re worried that this might kill your garden plants and grass, don’t be because herbicides only target weeds. If you’re still hesitant on applying it to your garden, Greenside Landscaping noted that you might leave the job in the hands of a Utah lawn weed control company. This way, you’ll feel more rest assured since they’re experts in handling these types of concerns.

4. Pull Out the Weed

In case of weed growth, there’s no better way to get rid of these nasty weeds than to pull them out yourself. Now, you could either pull it by your hand or remove them using a hoe. However, if you think it’s too tiring and there’s too much work involved, you may always hire a service to do it instead.

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Stop weeds from pestering your attractive lawn with these steps. This will not only keep your garden weed-free, but also encourage healthy growth for your plants and grass.