4 Hacks for Rehabilitating Your Garden

There are many reasons your garden may be in jeopardy. It could be that the soil is completely worn out from last season’s intensive gardening. Or it could be that the garden has gone through a period of neglect and simply looks awful.

Whatever the reason, you can always reclaim it and restore it to its former glory. Here are four ways how.

1. Assemble necessities

You are going to need a few things to bring back your garden’s beauty, depending on its current state. If you do not have the gardening equipment, now’s the time to get them. You’ll need high-quality seeds and fertilizer too.

While at it, consider investing in brand new terracotta planters and stone garden fountains, too, for visual appeal.

2. Clean up the garden site

Now that you have all you need for your garden, it’s time to remove old metal and other junk from the site. Tires, batteries and metal cans add toxins to the soil, so make sure the ground is completely free of them.

Remove about eight inches of the entire topsoil in case it is poisoned too. Look for ways to recycle some of the trash, so you don’t pollute other areas.

3. Bring in some new soil

Once the garden is looking clean, add fresh, uncontaminated soil and mix it with the soil in your garden. Now’s the time to add humus amendments or some compost to boost the nutritious value of the soil. Try to keep the soil’s pH at seven as it’s best for your plants.

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4. Plant your veggies and flowers

Make sure your seedlings are healthy, so you don’t face issues with disease down the road. Be sure to supply enough water as required. Keep the garden weeded too. In a few weeks, your garden should explode in growth and color, just like old times.

You don’t need to give up on your garden, no matter how hopeless it now looks. With a little bit of creativity, you’ll find that it’s pretty easy to quickly rehabilitate it and enjoy waves of beautiful colors once again.