4 Cool Ways to Make Your House Look More Expensive

A Fancy HouseWhenever you have visitors, there is always a pressure to impress. You want your visitors to think that you have put a lot of time (and resources) into making your house to what it is now.

For those looking for ways to make their house look a bit more expensive than it is, the following tips may be able to give you some things to consider.

Buy quality wooden furniture

Get rid of plastic chairs in your room and go for what is classy and iconic. Furniture shops here in Hong Kong will be able to give you many choices in this regard. Not only is wooden furniture environmentally friendly, but it can also last longer than most other materials used in chairs and desks.

It may mean investing a bit more, but the fact that it is durable means you used your money well.

Have a focal point

Sometimes, the placing of decorative items is just as important as the actual items themselves. One trick used by more interior decorators is to put a focal point, where everything radiates from.

Put a piece of history

To look expensive, your house does not have to get rid of anything remotely old. In fact, anything that is ageing will bring a sense of elegance to the place.

Place structural art

Most homeowners’ design instinct would be to bring more straight lines and curves into their living rooms. However, what can bring a bit of classiness into space is placing an element that would disrupt all these.

One suggestion would be to bring a sculpture or carving that is unique in the area. For example, a uniquely designed book nook.

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Making your house look more expensive can require a bit of creativity on the part of the homeowner. It is just a matter of tricking your visitors visually.