4 Clever Ways to Make Your Water Heater More Energy Efficient

Bathroom With Water Heater Comfort and energy efficiency are constantly in a fight. Most homes use the conventional water heating tanks, which consume a lot of energy because of the constant re-heating to keep the water warm. It is important to find a solution that truly works.

Energy saving is something every homeowner looks into when building a house. This applies even when choosing a water heater in Salt Lake City. Water heating consumes about 12 percent or more of the overall energy expenses in a home. This significant amount must be contained to reduce the pressure. The following tips can come in handy:

Reduce the time in the shower

Your family’s showering habits can influence how much you save. Agree among yourselves to take a short time in the shower to prevent overworking the heater and consuming a lot of energy in the process. You can have a warm luxury bath occasionally but stick to short showers for the daily bath. This can help you save a significant amount of money on energy bills.

Regulate your thermostat

Lower the temperatures of your heater whenever you want to shower. Some people cannot control the time they take in the shower so they are better off reducing the heat. Temperature reduction can go a long way in minimizing energy costs.

Do not let the hot water taps run idly

The extra minutes contribute to the increase in energy costs. Train yourself not to leave water running when brushing your teeth or finding soap. Also, use cold water for washing hands and doing laundry. The extra few minutes spent on these minor tasks contribute to the higher energy costs.

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It is the simple things that we mostly ignore that lead to high-energy costs. The only way to save on the rising bills is to be extra careful and responsible.