4 Clear Signs Your Home Has Foundation Issues

The foundation has to be one of the most important parts of your home, and any issue with it can lead to very expensive repairs. For this reason, it’s crucial to know the early signs of foundation problems so you can stop them before they become major headaches. If you see any of these four issues, call a concrete foundation repair expert in Denver ASAP.

Basement moisture

A wet basement can be a sign that there’s water leaking through cracks in your foundation. Usually, you’ll notice a musty smell and mold growth. If you don’t address the issue right away, you’ll soon have sagging floors throughout your home.

Cracked walls

While cracked walls are a common sight in many buildings, they should never be treated lightly. Sure, you can easily repair a crack, but many times there’s an underlying issue such as movement of the soil under your home’s foundation. Sometimes, the problem is poor water drainage under the foundation. In such instances, you need a foundation repair expert.

Crooked doors

Crooked doors in your home are a sure sign that there’s settling, shifting, or cracking in your foundation. It could also be an indicator that there are moisture issues in your home’s crawl space. Either way, you’ll need to address the issue promptly before you have a bigger issue on your hands.

Standing water

There are a few reasons you may have standing water under your house. All rainwater is supposed to divert away from your home through the gutters and properly directed downspouts. When that doesn’t happen properly, then water starts to collect under your house, causing foundation problems.

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Foundation problems can be both hazardous and costly, and it’s important to deal with them before they become worse. Knowing what signs to look out for can help you deal with the issue early enough.