3 Water-Related Problems in Commercial Buildings You Should Be Familiar With

Amazing commercial buildingsBad construction design and practices lead to water damage in multilevel buildings. According to Architecture & Design, a top media source for anything related to architecture and building construction and design in Australia, 80% of damage in commercial buildings is caused by water. Unfortunately, owners of commercial properties only spend 1% of their overall costs for waterproofing. Don’t be one of them.

Australia waterproofing techniques ensure that buildings are protected from water damage. There are certain standards that buildings must adhere to, to prevent this from happening. These are the usual problems in buildings that can lead to water damage.

Water Coming in from Different Areas

Unwanted water is typically expected to enter buildings through cracks in the foundation or basement. However, it can also come in from unexpected places in and around the building.

Some of the areas where water can come in are from balconies, windows, and the roof. Buildings have flat roofs, making it susceptible for water puddles to form and seep into the ceiling. Windows and balconies, on the other hand, can be at risk of having rain water entering the building.

Insufficient Maintenance

At the first sight of leaks or any form of water entering a building, maintenance and repair should immediately be done. Neglect can turn even the smallest water problems into larger ones. Proper maintenance can prevent expensive repair costs in the future. You should make sure that there is maintenance all throughout your building.

Wrong Water Proofing Techniques and Products Applied

Australia waterproofing methods done by Waterproofing Direct prevent leakage problems in commercial buildings. Poorly applied and installed techniques and products make it faster for buildings to accumulate overall damage. Following Australia’s building codes and standards can prevent building degradation.

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If waterproofing is done correctly right from the start, you won’t be thinking about water damage at all. All you have to do is properly maintain your building to prevent any structural problems. Follow the standards and use the right methods and products.