3 Stubborn Modular Home Misconceptions that Refuse to Die

Home Misconceptions that Refuse to Die

Home Misconceptions that Refuse to DieDespite the surplus of finished houses in the market, more and more home buyers are realising the benefits of buying a modular home. In a nutshell, prefabricated modular housing refers to the process of constructing house sections indoors, where they’re proof against adverse weather conditions. Once they’re done, they’re delivered to the home site where the builder assembles them.

The main selling point of modular homes for sale is the speed of construction. Because they’re made in a factory setting to avoid any weather-related delays, you can expect to move into your new home in just two to four weeks.

Although its popularity is increasingly rising, its concept is still relatively new to some people. If there’s something that keeps you from seriously considering this type of dwelling, it’s either the fear of the unknown or the misguided assertions by detractors.

To help you make an informed decision, get these misconceptions out of the way:

It’s Less Sturdy than a Conventionally Built Property

False. Modular homes actually conform to local building codes to ensure structural integrity. As a matter fact, you can bet they’re made to the highest standards because they’re constructed within a controlled environment, which is free from detrimental natural elements.

It’s Only a Good Choice When You Live Remotely

That was the idea before, but many Australians residing near the metro have chosen to live in a prefabricated house because of its impressive construction speed.

It’s Hard to Find a Willing Lender to Finance It

As a relatively new sector in the industry, many lenders are still reluctant to finance modular home construction. But over time, lending institutions are starting to realise that the construction costs are reduced when done in a modular sense. Some modular construction companies even put up facilities to provide financing for would-be homeowners.

Prefabricated modular housing revolutionises the Australian market in many ways. If you want to quit wasting money on renting and start paying for something you would actually own ASAP, a modular home is a sound choice.