3 Reasons Furniture is the Most Important Element in Your Redesign

photo of a woman shopping for home furniture, holding a pillow

Out of all the considerations in interior design, furniture is the most important. Some homeowners would disagree, saying it’s color. Others would claim it’s the patterns that give visual variety. But think about it, almost all elements of interior design — lines, textures, use of space, and the ones earlier mentioned — are all reflected in your furniture. Here are other reasons furniture is the most important element when redesigning your home:

1. Furniture enhances function.

The space is just an empty area without furniture. Throw in a bed and a dresser, and you have a bedroom. Install an island and a sink, and that becomes a kitchen. A space transforms into a useful, liveable place when there’s furniture. And you’re able to use that area of your home purposefully with furnishings. Of course, not all furniture is equal. Some improve a space’s function better than others. This is the reason picking furniture shouldn’t be done haphazardly. Quality should be the priority. Some homeowners, for instance, use designer’s craft, such as Jindrich Halabala furniture from Authentic Provence to ensure that what they’re getting is of quality.

2. Furniture determines flow.

The ability to move freely in a space is important in spaces. And as you know, this depends on the placement and size of your furniture. In terms of placement, there are few rules interior designers follow. For instance, the distance of furniture from walls should at least be three inches. There should also be clear pathways around furnishings, at the same time, enough room to stand between chairs and tables. The easiest way to know if there’s a good flow in the room is to just go around the space. If you bump into things when standing up or walking, then you may want to rethink placement of your furniture.

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3. Furniture enables balance.

Balance is one of the most important principles in interior design. It creates order in the space, making it more visually appealing. Furniture is a key element in achieving balance. Distributing visual weight in design is about mixing and matching small and large pieces of furniture. You can have a symmetrical balance, that is, mirroring the same pieces on either side of a central piece. Or asymmetrical balance, where you have non-identical pieces balanced off by similarities in their visual weight.

The bottom line is, furniture is most important in your redesign. So, prioritize high-quality items to nail your project.