3 Possible Causes of Refrigerator Noises

inside of a refrigerator

The refrigerator is undoubtedly one of the most vital appliances in your home. It works round the clock to keep your food fresh and help you minimize wastage.

The standard sound of a refrigerator should be a hum, as your compressor motor rotates to keep the refrigerant flowing. There are times, however, that you might hear other noises. Troubleshooting and fixing these should only be handled by a fridge repair expert in Salt Lake City. Here are some of the common causes of unusual fridge noises.

Vibration and Rattling

Any rattling sound from your fridge typically signifies that there’s something loose. This usually emanates from your plumbing touching the condenser when it’s running or a loose drain pan. These two implements contain water, which is dangerous when in contact with electricity. So, get an expert to repair them immediately.

Whirring or Scraping

Scraping or whirring in a frost-free fridge typically points to a buildup of ice around your fan. This issue results from a faulty fan motor. Debris and other obstructions might also impede your fan’s free movement and cause ice accumulation. Attempts to clean or replace this fan might leave you with severe cuts.

Loud Freezer Noises

The typical reason for a loud noise emanating from your freezer is a faulty compressor. This is located at the back of the refrigerator with various tubes and wires connecting it. Fiddling with any of these wires in an attempt to fix the compressor might destroy your fridge.

There’s no shortage of advice from online “experts” on how to fix the above noises. Some of these DIY processes, however, could put your fridge at risk of irreparable damage. Have a licensed fridge repair expert for all your refrigerator issues.

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