3 Lighting Design Trends for Modern Pools

underwater view of a pool

Pools are not just a place to go and swim anymore. Pool areas have transformed in recent years to become entertainment spots and offer scenic views complementing buildings. This trend is not just a preserve of pools in major hotel chains but also in residential properties’ backyards.

Pool time need not end with the sunset. There are various lighting options your pool contractor will offer for your home. Dolphin Pools & Spas shares some lighting designs that will not only enhance visibility but will make your entire pool area stand out.

Laminar Lighting

Laminar jets create water streams into your pool. You can maximize the use of these jets by incorporating lights into the streams to create illuminated water jets for the perfect nighttime look. You can go further and create a fluid motion with the laminar light jets to turn your pool into the perfect entertainment spot.

Accent Lighting

Pools are not the regular rectangular shape of yesteryears anymore. There are many stylish water features and curves among other designs that now form a part of most pools. Accent lighting is the best design trend to highlight any areas of your pool design you want to showcase after sunset. These include the stylish steps and curves, water fountains, and spas.

Multiple Lighting

This is the most practical lighting design available. It enables you to complement the whole pool area and provides you with subtle yet adequate lighting for a nighttime splash. The ideal option for multiple lighting is to have the lights facing the pool’s center. This creates a glowing effect in your pool and hides various imperfections.

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While you may think that the above lighting designs are expensive to install and maintain, this is not the case. Most of the designs use LED lights, which come in various colors and are exceptionally energy-efficient. There is no reason for you not to try one of the designs.