3 Different Ways to Style Your Space with Shutters

Window with shutters

The versatility and elegance of plantation shutters are undeniable. Its design reflects form and function, and gives any room an instant fresh look. If you’re not sure about your window size, you can get a design consultation from an NJ company that specializes in plantation shutters.

Here are three simple ways to style these shutters to create different room styles.


Add a rustic touch to a space by giving your shutters a sophisticated distressed look. To achieve the essential raw and unpolished look, paint the shutters with pale or pastel shades, and lightly sand off areas that would normally wear naturally with use over time.

Work on the corners, the parts near handles, and some areas on the front and back surface of the shutters. This chic worn out look creates an elegant unrefined style that gives a lived-in feel to the space and makes it feel more welcoming.


This simple, summery interior styling lends a fresh, cheerful vibe to a space all year round. To achieve that warm coastal glow, paint the shutters white. This color diffuses light in a way that creates a soft brightness, giving the room a relaxing vibe.

It lends an organic look that is equally lively and relaxing, just like that perfect villa in your favorite summer destination.


Create the perfect modern space with shutters painted in dark shades like gray and black, which go perfectly well with modern minimalist styles. These shades give the shutters a bold look, making it a striking design element.

On the other hand, shutters painted in vibrant, cheerful tones create a lively look that gives the room an instant full-of-life feel. To create a fun and energetic kid’s room, you can opt to paint the slats of the shutters in different bright colors that mimic the rainbow.

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This adds character to the room, making it a truly charming space for your little one.

These are just a few of the interior design styles in which you can incorporate shutters as a design element. Using shutters is a great way to dress up windows, as they provide maximum privacy while letting in a lot of natural light into the room.