3 Design Tips to Your Fireplace This Christmas

Family enjoying their fireplace in ChristmasChristmas is just around the corner. Is your fireplace ready for jolly old Santa Claus? Here are three design tips that can help you add some Christmas spirit to your fireplace.

First of all, make sure it’s clean

One of the best ways to prepare your fireplace for the holidays is to give it a good cleaning. In fact, you should start calling fireplace services in Salt Lake City in autumn for checkup and cleaning. This will help you avoid the mad rush for fireplace cleaning services during the winter. It will also help you prevent any untoward incident when winter comes.

Now that you have a clean fireplace, make sure that you have a fireguard and keep your holiday decorations away from the open fire. Remember that it’s safety first.

Go for personalized Christmas decors

Hanging up stockings is a tradition during Christmas. If you’re quite nifty, you can design your own holiday stockings or simply jazz up the ones you buy at the department store. Personalized stockings are great conversation starters. It can also add that cozy vibe to your holidays.

Add some fairy lights

Hanging up a string of fairy lights on your mantel is one of the easiest ways to add some “light” element to your holiday decoration. You can even choose the color of your light to complement the rest of your holiday decor theme this year. If you wish, you can also add some aromatherapy candles to create a more rustic and dramatic effect.

There are a hundred ways to decorate your fireplace this Christmas. Remember, safety should always be your priority. So make sure that whatever trinket you choose to hang on your mantel this year, keep them a safe distance away from the open fire and small children. Have a joyous holiday!

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