inside of a refrigerator
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3 Possible Causes of Refrigerator Noises

September 12, 2018 Garden AHS 0

The refrigerator is undoubtedly one of the most vital appliances in your home. It works round the clock to keep your food fresh and help you minimize wastage. The standard sound of a refrigerator should be […]

a woman opening the blinds
Style at Home

Types of Blinds Suitable for Bedrooms

September 10, 2018 Garden AHS 0

Some people are distracted by the slightest glimmer of light, resulting in a bad night’s sleep. Others prefer a little bit of light for them to sleep well. This makes selecting bedroom blinds harder than […]

Man laying tiles at house
Style at Home

Choosing the Right Tiles for Your Home

September 6, 2018 Garden AHS 0

Many homeowners make the mistake of choosing tiles based only on colors, textures, and patterns. They forget that functionality is also an essential quality to look for. The tiles you choose must serve their purpose. […]

White ceiling water damage
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Practical Ways to Avoid Water Damage

September 4, 2018 Garden AHS 0

Water damage is the leading reason why a house suffers from a deteriorating foundation. Although natural calamities often cause it, there are ways to protect your home from water damage in places like Riverton: Be […]