A lengthening ice dam by the rain gutter
Digging It

Ice Dams: What You Need to Know

July 31, 2017 Garden AHS 0

Ice dams cause damage to roofs as they often build up on roof edges after a snowstorm.  According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency, these shelves of ice are formed when the water from melted […]

Digging It

How Important Is Your Main Water Line?

July 24, 2017 Garden AHS 0

Nothing lasts forever. When your plumbing fixtures and pipes start to give up on you, perhaps this is pointing you to underlying problems in your home’s main water line. Although you may be required to […]

Style at Home

3 Top Benefits of Metal Fences

July 19, 2017 Garden AHS 0

Whether you are securing your homes or business, there are many advantages you can enjoy if you choose to go for metal security fencing. And it’s more than just added security. If you’re currently scouting […]

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The Makeover

Your Small Kitchen: Key Areas to Improve

July 8, 2017 Garden AHS 0

For some homeowners, renovating a small kitchen is not a big deal. They think: “The small space does not require massive attention, anyway. On the contrary, it still does. Small kitchen renovations are different from […]