Reading Room

Expensive Carpets, Messy Pets and You

August 24, 2016 Garden AHS 0

Pet owners are no strangers to their cuddly companion’s frequent ‘accidents’. Whilst tiled floors are easy to clean, it is different for carpets. When your pet does their business on an expensive piece of rug, […]

The Makeover

3 Sure Ways of Ruining Your Plumbing System

August 23, 2016 Garden AHS 0

Although most plumbing systems can last up to 25 years, many of the piping systems hardly last that long. Carelessness and improper use are the main culprits of their diminishing lifespan. Here are some mistakes you […]

In Plain Sight

Choosing a Garage Door: The Basics

August 19, 2016 Garden AHS 0

Many companies offer residential and commercial garage door service (such as manufacture and installation) in Utah, and as there is no dearth of choice, there is a measure of difficulty in choosing which contractor and […]

Digging It

Home Preparations for the Winter

August 17, 2016 Garden AHS 0

Winterizing your home is important if you live in a place where there’s heavy snow, and where typhoons or hurricanes could pose a problem. You can keep yourself and your home safe by following these. […]